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The BEST Award
Team Exhibit and Interview Evaluation

The purpose of the exhibit and interviews category is to creatively:

  • Communicate an understanding of the game theme
  • Demonstrate how the team has promoted BEST in the school and community

Exhibit and Interview Guidelines

  • Check with local hub for standard table size. At Regional championships, each team will be provided with a standard six-foot long table (approximately 29 inches wide) upon request.
  • Check with local hub for maximum allowed floor space for exhibits (note: a 10’ X 10’ X 10’ display space will be allocated per team at the Regional championships).
  • Skirting for the table will not be provided.
  • Each team should bring one extension cord and one power strip. Check with local hub for possible electricity and electrical limitations.
  • Other exhibit items may be used, but must not exceed the space allocated by the hub.
  • Teams are encouraged to avoid using expensive store-bought display boards and structures and opt for more creative and hand-made exhibit props.
  • Any audio-visual equipment needs and extra extension cords will be the responsibility of the team.
  • Each team is responsible for security of its own material.
  • Each team is responsible for breakdown of its team materials and clean-up of its exhibit area following the awards ceremony on Game Day.
  • All material should be clearly marked with the appropriate identification and contact information.
  • Check with the local hub concerning when and where team exhibits can be set up.
  • Candy and other food and drink items are not permitted at exhibits as complimentary handouts.
  • During the designated interview time, at least one student representative from the team must be present who is able to respond to informal questions asked about the display. In addition, student representatives should be aware that judges may ask questions concerning robot design and construction. These questions will be part of the interview evaluation of the team.
  • Teams should expect to be visited by three to four different judges during this period.
  • Judges may also interview team members in the pit area and in the seating area.

Exhibit and Interview Evaluation

Exhibits  will be evaluated on:

  • Sharing information and/or technology resources, and mentoring other schools, including other BEST teams
  • Presentations and robot demonstrations to other schools and community groups
  • Publicity (materials, media/press) generated within the school and within the community about BEST
  • Fundraising and/or sponsorship efforts (strategies used to recruit sponsors, team fund raisers, description of how funds were allocated to support team, team budget information available for review)
  • Use of technology, display models or boards, or multi-media at display in promotion of BEST
  • Creativity in incorporting the game theme into the design and presentation of this exhibit
  • Compliance with specifications (did not exceed space allocation)

Interviews will be evaluated on:

  • Evidence of student's enthusiasm, learning experience, and understanding of the game theme
  • Evidence that recruitment efforts for the team included multiple grade levels and students from a cross-section of the school population
  • Evidence that students were the primary designers and builders of the robot)