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The BEST Award
Spirit and Sportsmanship Evaluation

Judges will evaluate this category on Game Day. They will observe the spirit promoted by the team during the competition rounds as well as the team’s conduct throughout the day in the seating area, table display area, game floor, and pit area.

Spirit and Sportsmanship Evaluation

  • Spirit includes the vigor and enthusiasm displayed by team representatives
  • Teams can use posters, props, t-shirts, cheerleaders, musicians, mascots, costumes, and lower-frequency noise-makers to increase the level of spirit (check with local hub to determine specific noise-maker restrictions)
  • Community involvement: number of team supporters present at competition (other than students)
  • Sportsmanship includes outward displays of sportsmanship (e.g., helping other teams in need), grace in winning and losing, and conduct and attitude considered befitting participation in sports
  • Overall team sportsmanship is also demonstrated by students (not mentors) making the majority of robot adjustments and repairs during the competition