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The BEST Award
Project Engineering Notebook Requirements

The purpose of the notebook is to document the process the team used to design,
build, and test their robot.

ALL teams (both BEST Award and non-BEST Award competing teams) are required
to submit a Project Engineering Notebook.

See local hub deadlines for more information on when the notebook should be

Notebook Specifications:

  • Submitted in a standard 3-ring binder with a maximum 2” ring size
  • 30 typed single-sided pages or less (note that title page and Table of Contents page will not be counted as part of the 30 pages)
  • Research paper: Within the 30 pages, include a description of how the current year’s game theme is related to current technological practices or scientific research (minimum of 2 pages, maximum of 5 pages out of the 30 allotted)
  • Binder cover must identify the school, team name, teacher contact, and team number
  • Provide description of the process the team used to design and complete its robot
  • Standard, 8 ½” x 11” paper, double-spaced, 1” margins, and Times New Roman (preferred) or similar business-style font no smaller than 12 pt. Single-spacing is acceptable in tables and outlines.
  • Teams may include a supplemental appendix of no more than 20 pages of information. The appendix may include support documentation such as drawings, photos, organization charts, minutes of team meetings, test results, etc. This material should directly support the process described in the primary document and NOT reflect activities related to community or promotional efforts, spirit development, or team-building.

Notebook Evaluation
The notebook will be judged on the documentation of the team’s:

Implementation of the Engineering Design Process
Evidence that the engineering process was effectively used.

Research Paper
Correlation between game and current and future use of similar technology; Any related information of game theme, such as history, famous inventor(s), or major milestones; Creativity in linking game theme to appropriately related science/technology content; Proper use of grammar and composition throughout paper; citations of sources used to gather information for paper; staying within 2-5 page limit

Brainstorming Approaches
How well organized and productive was the brainstorming approach used and documented?

Analytical Evaluation of Design Alternatives
Use of analytical and mathematical skills in deciding upon and implementing design alternatives

Offensive and Defensive Evaluation
Analysis of gaming strategies and design elements to achieve goals.

Evidence that safety training occurred and safe practices were followed to prevent students' misuse of tools and other devices/equipment that may result in personal injury or damage to property.

Support Documentation
CAD /other drawings, photos, organization, team minutes, test results, etc. that support the main document.

Overall Quality and Completeness of Notebook
Organization, appearance, adherence to specifications, quality of content and submission of required Team Demographics Form.