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The BEST Award
Marketing Presentation Requirements

For the marketing presentation, the team should view themselves as employees of a “company” that is marketing their “product” (robot) to a potential buyer (judges). This marketing team is an integral part of the engineering team that has designed a specialized robot. The marketing presentation should provide information about their company, the engineering team involved in the design and construction of the product, and why their product is the best one on the market that can complete the assigned task. The potential buyer will be assessing the following:

  • The company's demographics, budget, and operations (e.g., company structure and operations, evidence of diversity of employees, evidence of budget that includes sponsorship and expenditures, etc.)
  • The company’s design and manufacturing process (engineering process of “design to market”, including a discussion on the advantages of your company’s robot design)
  • Discuss the technological resources your company used to design and construct the robot
  • Marketing strategies to promote product (e.g., school and community involvement, promotional efforts, etc)
  • Use of technological resources that the company used to accomplish the taks (e.g., CAD, easyC/RobotC, Web page development, computer simultions, Powerpoint, etc.).
  • Overall quality of presentation, including adherence to guidelines for this category.
  • Each BEST Award team will sign up for a presentation time slot to occur at a time designated by the local hub.


Marketing Presentation Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students should actively participate in the presentation.
  • At the discretion of the hub or Regional, an audience may be allowed to quietly observe the presentations. The size of the allowed audience is space-dependent and up to each hub to determine.
    • If a hub does choose to allow an audience during the presentations, it is recommended that each presentation room have an official Room Monitor (not a judge) to ensure that the presentation team is not being disturbed or coached by audience members.
    • Audience members are not allowed to ask questions during the Q & A period.
  • Adults are not allowed to participate, including setting up or taking down equipment for the presentation.
  • Representation by student presenters from more than one grade level is encouraged and will be considered in the evaluation as part of the team’s recruitment efforts.
  • Videotaping/photographing by team representatives will be allowed during the presentation, however, the person(s) handling videotaping will be counted in the 8 maximum number allowed.
  • The presentation format is the prerogative of the team.
  • The team must provide any equipment it wishes to use, or check with the local hub for information about what equipment can be provided.

Marketing Presentation Evaluation
Presentations will be evaluated with consideration of:

Company Information
Well-defined roles as company employees/owners/managers;
methods of company decision-making;
organization of company departments for product development;
company demographics;
evidence of budget including sponsorship and expenditures

Design and Manufacturing Process (Engineering Design Process)
Brainstorming approaches; game strategy evaluation;
analytical evaluation of design alternatives;
effective implementation of the engineering process

Marketing Strategies
Publicity efforts to inform school and community of company's product (e.g.
school newsletters, presentations to community and/or school groups,
fliers/brochures, posters, press releases, commercials, etc)

Use of Available Technology
CAD or other drawings; computer programming (e.g., easyC or RobotC); Web page development, computer simulations, use of PowerPoint

Quality of Presentation
Well organized and prepared; met required specifications; communication
skills and professionalism; achieved goal of marketing company's robot; creativity of format; quality of question and
answer session with judges